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We are United
Against Rabies.

1 every 9 minutes

1 person dies from rabies every 9 minutes
and almost half of them are children.


Up to 99% of human rabies infections
are caused by a bite from a rabid dog.

100% preventable

We have effective dog vaccines and
vaccines to treat people who are bitten.

Together, we can end all human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030.

Supported by FAO, WOAH and WHO (the Tripartite), the United Against Rabies Forum takes a multi-sectoral, One Health approach bringing together governments, vaccine producers, researchers, NGOs and development partners.

Rabies Roadmap

The rabies roadmap supports countries to develop their own rabies control strategies and measure progress towards achieving rabies-free status. Includes helpful links to resources and tools throughout.


From vaccination to education, we present a comprehensive online toolbox of guides, apps and other resources to help you plan, prioritise and implement your rabies control programmes.

Case for Investment

Rabies costs an estimated $8.6 billion a year in lost lives, lost productivity and high costs of treatment. Stopping rabies deaths globally would cost a fraction of that amount. Find out
more about the case for investment in rabies control and elimination.