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What We Do

Working together to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies

We are an inclusive platform bringing together international organisations, country and regional authorities, development partners, private sector partners, academic experts and NGOs.

© Tarryn Hatchett
© Tarryn Hatchett
© Tarryn Hatchett

We know that we cannot beat rabies unless we work together.

Our Partnership Map provides an overview of where United Against Rabies Forum members are working, and the activities they are conducting. Through sharing these activities, the United Against Rabies Forum helps foster collaboration between stakeholders, align efforts, and avoid duplication.

Please expand the Partnership Map using the arrow in the bottom right corner, and navigate through the pages using the arrows below the map.

We are putting our inclusive spirit into practice, tackling the major barriers to progress on rabies control and elimination in line with objectives set out in the Global Strategic Plan (Zero by 30).

Please email if you wish to contact any of our United Against Rabies Forum members for further information about their activities.

2024 United Against Rabies Forum Activities

Do you wish to contribute to the activities of the United Against Rabies Forum? You can apply to become a United Against Rabies Forum member below, or you can submit an Activity Proposal to to propose a specific activity to the Steering Group.

The United Against Rabies Forum recommends that activities contribute to the following priority objectives:

  1. Engage priority rabies-endemic countries and support development and implementation of National Strategic Plans
  2. Engage local authorities and communities to prioritise rabies elimination at the local level
  3. Facilitate access to human PEP, including supporting the implementation of Gavi’s strategy on rabies
  4. Promote improved surveillance, data sharing, and data reporting
  5. Support advocacy and resource mobilisation for rabies control

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How to join

Rabies is a disease we can beat – if we work together! Will you join us?

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Commonly asked questions on rabies elimination and membership answered here.