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Scientific Watch Bulletin on Rabies

Produced by: United Against Rabies Forum

The Scientific Watch Bulletin on Rabies is a monthly collation of scientific literature on rabies.

This monitoring work is carried out with the contribution of Sophie Marchal-Mauer, ANSES (Nancy Rabies and Wildlife Laboratory), France.

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Recent publications

Animal and human rabies

Rabia humana en Arequipa, Perú. Influencia del escaso número de médicos veterinarios
M. J. Vizcarra-Vizcarra and C. A. Vizcarra-Vizcarra. (2024). Revista de la Sociedad Peruana de Medicina Interna, 37(1), 204-205.

Rabies Realities: Navigating Barriers to Rabies Control in Rural Zambia—A Case Study of Manyinga and Mwansabombwe Districts
M. C. Misapa, W. Muleya, E. C. Bwalya, et al. (2024). Preprints, 2024021532.

Development and evaluation of methods to control rabies in Goa state, India
A. D. Gibson. (2024). The University of Edinburgh.

Dogs on the move: Estimating the risk of rabies in imported dogs in the United States, 2015–2022
E. G. Pieracci, R. Wallace, B. Maskery, et al. (2024). Zoonoses and Public Health, in press.

Bats, Pathogen Diversity and Rabies in a Changing Neotropic Landscape
O. Rico-Chávez, N. Flores-Pérez, K. U. Martínez-Pérez, et al. (2024). Ecology of Wildlife Diseases in the Neotropics, 185-212.

Burden of dog bite injuries and wound management practices to prevent rabies among dog owners
D. Julka, A. M. Khan, N. Kumari, et al. (2024). Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 13(2).

A debate on elimination of dog-mediated human rabies in developing countries by 2030
H. B. Baghi, R. Rasizadeh, J. S. Nahand, et al. (2024). Postępy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej, 78(1), 5-12.

Profil épidémiologique des cas de morsures de chiens, rage humaine et rage canine 2016–2021 dans le district sanitaire de Faranah
A. Sylla, J. Kasongo and S. Corvil. (2023). Revue d’Épidémiologie et de Santé Publique, 71, 101991.

Viral Diseases in Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): New Insights and Perspectives
J. Martínez-Burnes, H. Barrios-García, V. Carvajal-de la Fuente, et al. (2024). Animals, 14(6), 845.

Effect of rabies vaccination on population densities of Vulpes vulpes in south-western Poland (Carnivora: Canidae)
G. KOPIJ. (2024). Národní muzeum, 54(1), 83-94.

A prospective study on health seeking behaviour and post exposure prophylaxis received by animal bite victims at the anti-rabies clinic in a tertiary care centre of urban Bangalore
J. Surendran, H. S. Ravish, N. Kumari, et al. (2024). F1000Research, 13, 175.

Animal Bites and Attacks
S. Schlein, A. Park and S. Sethi. (2024). Emergency Medicine Clinics, in press.

Assessing One Health capacities for transboundary zoonotic diseases at the Libya-Tunisia border
L. N. Miller, W. K. Saadawi, W. B. Hamouda, et al. (2024). One Health Outlook, 6(1), 3.

Brief Overview on Rabies: A Fatal and Preventable Virus
A. Samad, A. Naveed, A. N. Alam, et al. (2024). Indonesian Health Journal, 3(1), 162-170.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding zoonotic diseases among cat and dog owners in Bangladesh
T. I. Mamun, M. W. Mahmud, S. C. Dey, et al. (2024). Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 226, 106166.

Rabia: una zoonosis que persiste en el siglo XXI
C. G. Quirós and M. J. Navarro. (2024). Revista Ciencia y Salud Integrando Conocimientos, 8(1), 43-49.

Spatial clusters, temporal behavior, and risk factors analysis of rabies in livestock in Ecuador
C. Briceño-Loaiza, B. Fernández-Sanhueza, C. Benavides, et al. (2024). Preventive Veterinary Medicine, in press, 106188.

Assessment of community knowledge, attitude, and practice towards rabies and its determinants in Kersa District, East Hararghe Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
F. Adem, A. B. Bitew, T. Adugna, et al. (2024). Ethiopian Veterinary Journal, 28(1), 15-35.

Bovine rabies cases in Ecuador: a retrospective cross-sectional observational study (2007 to 2020)
D. F. Maldonado-Arias, S. A. Guamán-Rivera, J. M. Mira-Naranjo, et al. (2024). Brazilian Journal of Biology, 84, e279112.

Empowering rural Maharashtra: A holistic approach to rabies control and one health perspectiv
M. Nazgul, A. Rajput, H. Patil, et al. (2024). World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 21(3), 1037-1041.

Evaluation of the rabies surveillance system using the One Health approach in Mozambique, 2020-2021
I. A. da Costa, A. C. Gatambire, A. R. Tivane, et al. (2024). PAMJ – One Health, 13(4),

Mathematical model of rabies vaccination in the United States
A. Hassan, Z. A. Tapp, D. K. Tran, et al. (2024). Theoretical Population Biology, in press.

Modelling the Impact of Culling Stray Dogs on the Probability of Rabies Elimination
M. Kambuwa, M. Maliyoni and S. Kadaleka. (2024). Research Square, 24 Mar, 2024.

Rabies in Pakistan: Policies and recommendations
A. Jabbar, A. Ahmadi, N. Irm, et al. (2024). Public Health Challenges, 3(1), e168.

Rabies incidence and burden in three cities of Cameroon (2004-2013)
N. O. B. Freddy Patrick, A.-N. Julius, M. K. Jean-Pierre, et al. (2024). Veterinary and Animal Science, in press.

Unprecedented rabies outbreak in Nepal’s Far Western Region: A call for urgent action
S. Thakur, N. P. Joshi, B. Chand, et al. (2024). Authorea Preprints, March 15, 2024.

Establishing the basis for rabies control and elimination in Liberia
G. Voupawoe. (2024). University of Basel Associated Institution, 126 p.

Evaluation of the rabies surveillance system using the One Health approach in Mozambique, 2020-2021
I. A. da Costa, A. C. Gatambire, A. R. Tivane, et al. (2024). PAMJ One Health, 13(4).

Mixed methods to evaluate knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) towards rabies in central and remote communities of Moramanga district, Madagascar
C. Leblanc, D. Kassié, M. Ranaivoharimina, et al. (2024). PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 18(3), e0012064.

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Optimal Rabies Control Strategies
D. D. Hailemichael, G. K. Edessa and P. R. Koya. (2024). Preprints, 2024031724.

M. H. Sriramappa, H. Lokanath, S. Sakranaik, et al. (2024). International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy, 6(1), 1833-1837.[2498.%20JAMP_Mouna%20HS]%201833-1837.pdf

Pengetahuan Dan Sikap Masyarakat Pada Upaya Pencegahan Rabies Dari Kucing Peliharaan Di Kota Prabumulih
Suryanda and R. Nelly. (2024). Cendekia Medika: Jurnal Stikes Al-Ma`arif Baturaja, 9(1), 25 – 33.

Rabia humana en Arequipa, Perú. Influencia del escaso número de médicos veterinarios
M. J. Vizcarra-Vizcarra and C. A. Vizcarra-Vizcarra. (2024). Revista de la Sociedad Peruana de Medicina Interna, 37(1), 204-205.

V. Z. Mendikhanovna, K. A. Itemgenovich and S. K. Yurievna. (2024). Endless light in science, (2), 465-468.

Diagnosis – Virology – Vaccinology

Potency, immunogenicity, and efficacy of rabies vaccine: In vitro and in vivo approach
F. Akter and M. Shamimuzzaman. (2024). Immunity, Inflammation and Disease, 12(2), e1198.

Production of rabies virus-specific monoclonal antibodies and evaluation of their neutralizing and protective potentials
R. Soliman, Z. Hashem, H. Abo-Elyazeed, et al. (2024). Microbes and Infectious Diseases, in press.

Retraction: Case of human rabies despite post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and complete recovery after intrathecal rabies immunoglobulin (RIG)
(2024). BMJ Case Reports, 17(3), e256408ret.

Comparative analysis of rabies pathogenic and vaccine strains detection by RIG-I-like receptors
W. Aouadi, V. Najburg, R. Legendre, et al. (2024). Microbes and Infection, in press.

Atypical paralytic rabies—A case-study from Kerala, India
G. G. Lakshmi, M. Mohan, G. John, et al. (2024). Journal of Preventive Medicine and Holistic Health, 7(2), 131-136.

Comparative Study on the Immunogenicity and Efficacy of Different Post-exposure Intramuscular Rabies Vaccination Regimens in China
S. Yun, H. Ying, L. X. Xin, et al. (2024). Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 37(2), 178-186.

Factors Involved in the Immunological Protection against Rabies Virus in Dogs in Spain
M. D. Manzano, J. Cereza, J. García, et al. (2024). Vaccines, 12(3), 293.

Immunogenicity and Safety of a Purified Vero Rabies Vaccine – Serum Free, Compared With Two Licensed Vaccines, in a Simulated Rabies Post-Exposure Regimen in Healthy Adults in France: A Randomized Controlled Phase III Trial
A.-C. Pineda-Peña, Q. Jiang, C. Petit, et al. (2024). Clinical Infectious Diseases, in press.

Monosynaptic Rabies Tracing
A. Nelson and M. Ryan. (2024)., Mar 07, 2024.

Post-Marketing Surveillance of the World’s First Novel Cocktail of Rabies Monoclonal Antibodies: TwinRab™ in Real\-World Setting
M. P. Tambe, M. A. Parande, M. B. Nanaware, et al. (2024). Indian Journal of Community Medicine, 49(2), 443-447.

Structural analysis of protein-protein interactions involved in pathogenesis and viral replication of Lyssaviruses and Henipaviruses
C. Donnelly. (2024). Charles Sturt University (Australia).

Study on immune persistence of CTN-1V strain rabies vaccine for human
L. Wang, J. Li, Q. Mu, et al. (2024). Journal of Virus Eradication, in press.

Evidence for a host switching in the maintenance of canid rabies variant in two wild carnivore species in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa
C. E. Ngoepe, W. Shumba and C. Sabeta. (2024). Journal of the South African Veterinary Association, 95, 16-25.

Immunogenicity evaluation of a bivalent vaccine based on a recombinant rabies virus expressing gB protein of FHV-1 in mice and cats
C. Jiao, D. Liu, H. Jin, et al. (2024). The Veterinary Journal, in press.

Monosynaptic rabies tracing reveals sex- and age-dependent dorsal subiculum connectivity alterations in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model
Q. Ye, G. Gast, E. G. Wilfley, et al. (2024). The Journal of Neuroscience, in press.

Neuroinvasive virus facilitates viral replication by employing lipid droplets to reduce arachidonic acid-induced ferroptosis
J. Zhao, Q. Wang, Z. Liu, et al. (2024). Journal of Biological Chemistry, in press.

Comparative Study on the Immunogenicity and Efficacy of Different Post-exposure Intramuscular Rabies Vaccination Regimens in China
Y. SONG, Y. HE, X. X. LU, et al. (2024). Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 37(2), 178-186.

Feasibility of replacing the viral isolation technique in mice with RT-qPCR for the diagnosis of rabies
K. M. Marinho, C. A. C. Magalhães Júnior, L. A. Amorim Júnior, et al. (2024). Ciência Rural, 54, e20230229.

In vitro immunofluorescence assay for the detection of silica nanoparticle bounded rDNA expressed glycoprotein for rabies
R. Khandare, S. Saxena, S. Shrivastava, et al. (2024). International Journal of Advanced Biochemistry Research, 8(2S), 348-351.

Intrinsic Disorder in the Host Proteins Entrapped in the Rabies Virus Particles
H. N. Ashraf and V. N. Uversky. (2024). Preprints, 2024031317.

Targeted Repair of Spinal Cord Injury Based on miRNA‐124‐3p–Loaded Mesoporous Silica Camouflaged by Stem Cell Membrane Modified with Rabies Virus Glycoprotein
X. Fan, L. Shi, Z. Yang, et al. (2024). Advanced Science, in press.

Awareness on Recent Guidelines for Rabies Prophylaxis among Healthcare Professionals in Rewa District, Madhya Pradesh, India: A Questionnaire-based Cross-sectional Study
M. Pradhan, S. Singh, C. Jain, et al. (2024). Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, 18(3).

The matrix protein of lyssavirus hijacks autophagosome for efficient egress by recruiting NEDD4 through its PPxY motif
Y. Yuan, A. Fang, Z. Wang, et al. (2024). Autophagy, in press.

Prophylactic Measures Implemented for Cases of Animal Bite in West Azerbaijan Province from 2012 to 2019
F. Rostampour, H. R. Khalkhali and S. Masudi. (2023). Iranian Journal of Epidemiology, 19(3), 207-216.

Beyond fear: A compre-hensive exploration of rabies virus and its implications
M. W. Gulzar, R. Maqsood, M. Zain, et al. (2024). Hosts and Viruses, 11, 9-19.

Post vaccinal immune response of dogs to prophylactic Antirabies vaccination: A cross-sectional study from Kerala
A. Sujatha, P. Prathiush, C. Sujatha, et al. (2024). The Pharma Innovation Journal, 13(3), 230-237.