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Global Dog Rabies Elimination Pathway (GDREP)

Provider: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Strategy, vaccination

Resource Language

English, French

Who is it for?

Policymakers or government agency officials; Rabies control program managers; Animal vaccination program personnel; Dog population management program personnel


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This is an excel-based tool intended to provide a high-level overview of the cost and time commitment required to eliminate canine rabies from a program area.

The tool is pre-populated with country statistics, but users can override these with specific values if better data is available.

The tool is intended to inform policy makers, funders, and rabies program managers on the long-term costs and benefits of investing in rabies control.

UAR Evaluation Matrix

GDREP Evaluation Bar Chart

Evaluations are performed using the ‘UAR Evaluation Matrix’, a rabies-specific tool evaluation instrument adapted from the FAO-OIE-WHO Tripartite Surveillance and Information Sharing Operational Tool evaluation process and instrument.

Accessibility 9.3

Focuses on i) logistics for accessing and using the tool, ii) the platforms on which the tool runs (if applicable), iii) relevant costs, and iv) the level of user support that is provided by the developer/manufacturer.

Data collection and needs 10

Focuses on the type of data that is captured by the tool.

Data management and utility 8.9

Focuses on the data analysis and outputs provided by the tool

Data storage and protection 6

Focuses on data ownership, protection and storage.

Flexibility 8.5

Focuses on the interoperability of the tool and its adaptability for use in different contexts or scenarios.

Ease of use and training needs 7.3

Focuses on the training requirements, including the level of complexity and difficulty to navigate and understand the tool as well as the technical or operational skillsets that are required to use the tool.

Sustainability 10

Focuses on the different scenarios that indicate how sustainable the tool has been and whether it has been thoroughly field-tested for implementation.

Total Score 85.7%


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2) Wallace (2017) Elimination of Dog-Mediated Human Rabies Deaths by 2030: Needs Assessment and Alternatives for Progress Based on Dog Vaccination, Front. Vet. Sci., 10 February 2017 | (Supplemental file).