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United Against Rabies: Working Group 2

Strategic and operational support


Participants are working together to support integrated country and regional strategies, including the development of a national strategic plan template and a roadmap to provide countries with a pathway towards rabies elimination.

Work is also underway on a monitoring and evaluation framework, updated recommendations for the use of oral rabies vaccines in dogs and opportunities to integrate rabies with other disease programs.

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Working Group Co-chairs

Dr Katinka de Balogh

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Dr Vivian Iwar

Economic Community of West African States Commission

National Rabies Control Template

Working Group 2 has produced a template to assist countries to prepare a national rabies control plan. The template is free to use and will help to ensure country plans are aligned with Zero by 30.

Rabies Roadmap

The rabies roadmap supports countries to develop their own rabies control strategies and measure progress towards achieving rabies-free status. Includes helpful links to resources and tools throughout.

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