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United Against Rabies Forum 2023 Review

Produced by: United Against Rabies Forum


The United Against Rabies Forum 2023 Review provides an overview of key achievements made during 2023, the annual meeting, and next steps for 2024.

In 2024 the United Against Rabies Forum will prioritise activities that directly contribute to the following objectives:

  1. Engage priority rabies-endemic countries and support development and implementation of National Strategic Plans
  2. Engage local authorities and communities to prioritise rabies elimination at the local level
  3. Facilitate access to human PEP, including supporting the implementation of Gavi’s strategy on rabies
  4. Promote improved surveillance, data sharing, and data reporting
  5. Support advocacy and resource mobilisation for rabies control

United Against Rabies Forum members are encouraged to propose activities that align with the 2024 priorities for the United Against Rabies Forum using the activity proposal form below.

The Steering Group will continue to act as an advisory board and facilitate connection between rabies stakeholders but will transition to include new members to address the evolving needs of the United Against Rabies Forum. United Against Rabies Members wishing to express interest in participating in the Steering Group should complete this form or contact  

For further information about our work or membership, or to share any news or events, please write to